Monthly Insights - November 2016

Monthly Insights - November 2016

1 Dec 2016
CircuIT Recruitment
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Check out CircuIT Recruitment’s monthly insights for November 2016. A snapshot of recruitment insights from various CircuIT Consultants.


This month Amie discusses building strong relationships with new colleagues. If you are a contractor, this can sometimes be hard. When you join a project, be proactive and introduce yourself to the people sitting around you, even if you’re not likely to be working with them. Breaking the ice early will make a good first impression. It is also a wise move to do the same with any new starters who join after you. Also be mindful that there could be others who may not be in the same building as you. Find out who they are and get in touch. It should make getting your work done much easier.


Louise continues her focus and passion concerning Big Data.  With ‘Big Data’ no longer being a buzzword as such, the latest development in this field relates to humanised big data. This concept relates to the notion that mass quantities of gathered data, which is now more readily and easily accessible, can help humans in almost any given scenario. So think about planning a better retirement income stream, to a better health plan, or executing a better digital UX roll-out, humanised big data, will be front and centre of all things analytics. So Louise expects that we’ll continue to see strong enhancements to big data as we see it, mostly in terms of humanising the data, ie, more concerned and qualitative chunks of data and projecting it in a more visualised, accessible way.


With the barrage of front-end JavaScript frameworks on the market, Iain has discussed with his Java and Ruby clients and candidates that React.js stands out, due to its nature of the reactive data flow. Both parties have discussed, that one of the benefits that stand out with regards to React, is that it allows only one-way data binding, which greatly simplifies the overall rendering, and avoids many of the issues that commonly plague applications written with other frameworks (his candidates are loving it!). Through speaking to clients and candidates, Iain has observed that the benefits of React.js are growing on projects (both small and large), while at the same time, some of them have discussed concerns with regards to the capacity, and the future of other popular frameworks like Angular.JS.


The last few months of the year are typically our busiest here at CircuIT Recruitment. Aoife has noted that a large majority of candidates she has spoken to of late, have the belief that this a quiet time of the year for recruitment, and therefore shy away from the market.  If you are looking for a new role for the New Year, now is the time to get in touch with us, and have your next career move set up for January.


Dinh discusses the concept of everything-on-demand. Everything-on-demand, in essence, is where consumers expect to be able to access and extract value from their products and services instantly. Given the advent of Uber, Dinh has observed and spoken to a plethora of start-ups all created on the premise of being the “Uber of ____”!  In today’s world, we have literally thousands of apps to choose from to receive food, reach our destination, stay the night, get our dry-cleaning done, discharge our cargo, and the list goes on.  So what are important take-home points for businesses to note? Firstly, Dinh advises that businesses should note emerging trends, and consumer behaviour, when formulating digital / marketing strategies, and budgets, accordingly. Secondly, given consumers are showing a preference to renting than buying products, an increasing number of companies will choose to enhance their existing product sets with information-rich services, which help consumers improve their product experiences. Thirdly, the nature of today’s consumer is extremely complex and diverse, but can be split into two distinct categories.  Consumer A’ers will be those that are not concerned with owning products for themselves and are more likely to subscribe to on-demand services, such as Spotify or Netflix as key examples. Such consumers will gravitate towards leasing the goods as and when they are needed instead of purchasing. Alternatively, Consumer B’ers, are those that expect the products they want to purchase to be immediately available, which is demonstrated by the increased popularity of auto-refill services.


Brad’s clients have shown consistent demand for strong Automation Test Analysts across the Insurance, Entertainment and Finance space. Most vacancies require the experience of setting up Automation frameworks from scratch, for both contract and permanent roles. SOAP UI, XML and POSTMAN experience have been in demand, but generally its strong local experience, combined with excellent stakeholder education and management skills, that separate the most in demand candidates from the pack. These candidates have multiple opportunities on at any one time, and can often have multiple offers to choose from. Educating clients in how quick the market moves for in demand candidates is crucial in assisting them to secure the resources they require.

Despite a common misconception that this period can be a quiet time for recruitment, Brad is working with clients that are very active in looking to wrap up recruitment processes, so that they have a full complement to start 2017.


Cecile has been focusing her recruitment energy within the .NET development space, where demand for full stack Microsoft developers is at an all-time high, and with the announcement that Google will be joining the .NET Foundation, there is no sign of that demand decreasing in the immediate or distant future. Microsoft released a statement underlining “Google’s commitment to fostering an open platform” thus reinforcing the “vibrancy of the .NET developer community.”

So what will Googles participation mean for the .NET community and the developers within it? For a start, Google will play a huge role in steering the future of .NET and reinforcing its significance within the industry. This in turn will equal a steady stream of development opportunities in the .NET space. The driving factor in this decision is the ‘Google Cloud’ and their desire to keep up with the adoption of public and hybrid clouds by industry competitors. Google Product Manager Chris Sells noted that “Google is already an active contributor to .NET, including heavy involvement in the ECMA specification for C#. Joining the Technical Steering Group for the .NET Foundation expands our participation.”


In November Trent gave a talk at Zendesk on Flow (Flow Science / Flow Theory / The psychology of optimal experience), with an overarching theme of where we place our attention. Essentially Flow is an optimal state of consciousness where we feel our best and perform at our best.

The talk was focused on giving an overview of Flow whilst aligning it, and giving it life to the activities (personal and work-related) of the audience participants. The presentation touched on three key questions: 1– What is a life worth living? 2– What is it that makes you come alive? 3– Where is it that you place your attention?

Flow is a term that is gaining a lot of popularity these days, and was coined by the Hungarian Psychologist Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi. Csikszentmihaly pioneered the research on Flow, and has been at the forefront of the positive psychology movement for the last 40 years. Flow has typically been attributed to extreme sports athletes, however is found abundantly in children, painters, programmers, writers, teachers, and most activities where you are completely absorbed. When in Flow, we experience a type of intrinsic motivation because we like what we are doing, so in fleshing out the principals of Flow, we can then work to see how they apply to our personal lives and the work place.

So November has been a month of Flow (in addition to the other 11 months of the year!!!)


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