Monthly Insights - October 2016

Monthly Insights - October 2016

1 Nov 2016
CircuIT Recruitment
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Check out CircuIT Recruitment’s monthly insights for October 2016. A snapshot of recruitment insights from various CircuIT Consultants.


Dinh discusses the growing significance of user experience, whereby the customer experience (inclusive of all employees) is the ultimate goal of any digital transformation. Underpinning this is the fact that customers are as evolved as ever, and brands that don’t offer a respected offering in line with values, images, and feedback are shunned. As such, a first-rate user experience is essential in keeping customers and clients engaged. CircuIT clients have noted that given customers can interact with any one of their businesses, anytime and anywhere, the experience must be aligned, consistent and positive. CircuIT has definitely observed a significant increase in UX and Analytics job vacancies, to accommodate and streamline increased interaction, especially with more high-traffic, scalable companies. In summary, every touch point matters, and Dinh points out that businesses leading transformations should constantly invest, enhance and focus on the experience for every customer / client, irrespective of where they are in the journey.


Following on the theme from last month, Amie’s top tip for contractors this month is Communication. To ensure your objectives and deliverables are clearly defined, spend a block of time at the beginning of your contract talking to key stakeholders, understanding needs of the business and also understanding what is required of you. It is also a great idea to take notes about any processes and procedures currently in place. Perhaps even try creating a document with dates and timelines as a point of reference as you go along, documenting everything will keep everyone updated with progress. Making a habit of working this way will also come in handy when it comes to your next assignment.


Brad’s clients have a strong demand for .Net Developers across Finance, Entertainment and Software Development sectors. There been a genuine mix of contract and permanent, in what has been a largely permanent driven market recently. Senior Developers with experience in Cloud Development/Deployment /TDD are in high demand and competition for these skillsets strong. For companies who are looking to link together more and more compatible technologies, APIs will play a big part in making this possible. Those with ElasticSearch experience are also seeing strong demand for their services. Brad’s clients are increasingly offering occasional work from home and/or flexible working arrangements to assist in securing in-demand talent.


Last month, Aoife spoke with regard to the DevOps domain. For those of you looking to get more involved in this space, or to simply expand your knowledge, we recommend you check out the PowerShell, Wasp and DevOps Melbourne Meet-up groups. We have had great feedback on these groups. Also, December sees DevOps Day come to Sydney, if you’re out and about in Sydney be sure to check it out.


Cecile is currently liaising with several clients and has been covering one of the most buoyant areas at CircuIT: front-end / web developers, namely those with Angular2 and/or React. From her discussions with candidates on the market, Cecile has noted that the majority are well versed in AngularJS, with a small number who have had exposure to, or experience in Angular2 and React. The discussion brings up the question of the differences between both frameworks and the benefits of using one as opposed to the other. When compared side-by-side, it is like deciding whether to buy a computer off the shelf or building a computer with off the shelf parts. Angular2 is very much committed to the complexities of HTML-centric design, whereas React utilises a simpler JavaScript focused approach. That being said, with Angular2 you can do complex things with less code, but in contrast, you can use React to write plain JavaScript, making the overall process more simplistic. Essentially, both technologies provide a substantial set of tools to ensure quality code, as well as scalable and reactive web applications. If you have a preference for code in plain old JavaScript then React is probably the way to go. If you want a more mature and complete solution, Angular2 may be your best bet. Ultimately the choice is yours!


Over the past year working at CircuIT, Iain has noticed that new technologies are constantly being developed, and existing ones keep changing. However, after discussions within the market, it has become clear that as modern applications require ever more bandwidth, storage and processing - technologies are having to rapidly evolve more than ever. As a result, Iain has noticed that candidates and clients have a strong interest towards the rising need for functional programming languages such as Elixr, Clojure, Scala and Erlang. Accordingly, there is increasing need for developers who are capable and productive in these technologies. Iain has also gained an insight towards object-oriented programming, and that it will remain an industry staple for years to come. However, there is little doubt that as users expect faster search results and clients expect more accurate calculations, functional programming will gain limelight as a clear solution.


Louise again reinforces the growing significance and significance of Big Data and all things analytics. The importance of big data in the business simply cannot be overstated, and this is being reflected in the amount of work Louise has received from her clients within this space. Everyone knows about the infinite amount of data, valuable or otherwise (!), in the world, but very few companies are properly investing in data, or using it to their full potential. Put simply, analytics drives businesses by highlighting how their customers and clients think (and feel), what is required, and how the brand is viewed by the overall community marketplace. With the advent of digital transformations happening within most if not all companies that value IT, anything and everything can be measured. So Louise wants to stress to all clients that every important digital and/or technology-based decision must be supported by the application of data and analytics. Any firm failing to do so, will unfortunately become irrelevant given the current digital climate.


In the spirit of TV shows mimicking possible realities, Trent has been watching Westworld which is a futuristic take on artificial intelligence and/or consciousness and essentially puts a mirror to the human condition by showing us what we really are, and what we are capable of when you eliminate laws and consequences from the picture. In Westworld the environment is a theme park centred around, as the name suggests, the Wild West. The androids within this park are referred to as Hosts and are used as a means for the human visitors to live out their fantasies, be that ranging from having a conversation with; sharing a drink with; to torturing, killing or copulating with. Nothing is off-limits. More than just androids, the Hosts start to develop a level of consciousness that would be hard to separate from a human and would by all accounts be able to pass the Turing test. With still more episodes to come it will be interesting to see how the show unfolds, and in particular how the androids deal with their own existential crises. We humans have always viewed Technology as an enabler, but what happens when it becomes an enabler of the more base nature of our character? Even more so, what happens if/when AI becomes self-aware? There has been much talk lately on the future of AI, particularly with Elon Musk and Sam Altman setting up the non-profit OpenAI project last year, in a hope to avoid a nasty future where AI scales scaringly beyond human control. In October of last year Musk said that he is “committing $10M to support research aimed at keeping AI beneficial for humanity” in an effort to keep the future of AI containable and controllable. The future will certainly be an interesting one with what we already have Uber self-driving cars to what Ray Kurzweil believes in the next 20-30 years that we will be able to upload our consciousness to a computer / the cloud.


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